How to travel in Goa after COVOID - 19?

How to travel in Goa after COVOID - 19?

Covoid -19 this panedemic change the whole scenario of travel in Goa and all over the world. Many people has their plan to travel in this year 2020 but this Corona Panedemic change the whole scenario of touring. Goa is the favorite destination for Solo backpacker, honeymooner as well as adventure seeker and bachelorette.

With this covoid - 19 situation Goa give you touring with safety. There are many terms & conditions as of now. One who wants to travel Goa, without symptoms has to come with CVOID - nagative certificate by ICMR - authorised lab issued within 48 hours prior to the the date of travel will not be quarantined. Passangers who has not COVOID - Certificate has to pay 2000 and take test and ensure social distancing and quarantine till the result come. 

How travel will change post covoid: 

1)    How to Choose Hotel : 

Before Panedemic people are not particular about hotel. But after Covoid - 19 people are more selctive about hotel. Tourist will check covoid policy of hotel, how they hotel is clean or not, Rooms are sanitised or not, Hotel will follow social distancing norms or not? All this details will check and after that tourist selct hotel. 

2)    How to Travel & Do Sightseeing in Goa? : 

After Covoid -19 public transport is the last option for tourist or may be not in the list. You must hire a sanitised cab in Goa which is safe and driver also use sanitiser and clean his cab everyday. or you can select self drive sanitised rental car in Goa. Self Drive Rent a car in Goa is the best option in which you can touring independently and can go anywhere and at any time. 

In sightseeing choose a place where you can maintain social distancing like Old Goa Church, Panaji, Calangute, Candolim etc beach. These all places are open so you can maintain social distancing.

3) What Activities can I do in Goa?

Because of Covoid - 19 choose selected activities which have all safety and precautions. Like Scuba Diving in Goa. As per the Science underwater is the safest place for Corona and sea water is itself sanitised water. It has no virus. You can go for Sunset Cruise also. Because it is very big in that cruise social distancing can maintain.

This Covoid -19 panedemic change the thinking of travelling. As per the Thomas Crook survey 64% people will planning to travel domestic and after covoid people will not sit at home and waiting. Whatever the impact on economy but still people will travel and Goa is the favorite destination of Indian.

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