Why Goa is a perfect summer destination?

Why Goa is a perfect summer destination?

How great your imagination power is? What do you imagine when someone talks about ‘Goa’? If someone asks you, what do you do in Goa, then what will be your answer?

You go to beach, enjoy the water sports and rest in hotel. Right? Or there is some more in this list?

But one question which holds a value of million dollars – why to book a Goa tour in summer? We will give you 5 killer and better reasons why you should go Goa in summers.

1. No Crowd, Absolute Silence!!!

Well a lot of people in India avoid roaming out or travelling out during summer season because of heat. Well, they do miss out on getting additional goodies of summer which they won’t get in winter. As a result, Goa is less crowded in summer season and this gives you a chance to enjoy your stay and relax.

2. Cheap Shopping

This is absolutely for the shopping lovers. Since, there are fewer crowds during summer season, price of articles/clothes, etc. is bound to fall down. And you can take an advantage of the season and can shop at very cheap rate.


3. Economical Tour

Summer season is considered as off-season in Goa. You may get an advantage of staying in hotel at the lowest fares; traveling cost is saved a bit as you might get flights at a very cheaper rate and so on and so forth.


4. Water Sports

Due to fewer crowds during summer season, parasailing & paragliding will be available at a cheaper cost. Also, with few people around, you might enjoy the beauty of beaches from a distance while parasailing.

You might feel what do mean by this. We meant to say that you can carry your camera during the Goa tour and go for a day outing with camera. Click few beautiful sceneries, sunrise and sunsets, etc. which are a tourist attraction during season.

You might feel that these are not enough reasons to justify on Goa tour during the summer seasons. But we at Goa Explocation assure you that it will become an unforgettable tour of your life. 

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