Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving at Vasco da Gama

Only Scuba Diving

Trip Location: Vasco da Gama (There is nothing like South Goa. And with Goa Explocation with you, it will be mesmerizing.)

Explore with Goa Explocation (Activities)

You might be thinking about what new and additionalare we giving. Water sport remains the same so as the place. What makes us different from others? And what makes Scuba Diving at South Goa different from other locations in India? We have answer to all your queries. Let us answer it one by one.

What makes us different from others?

Hospitality – That you might have never thought of.

Experience – That you always ask for.

Out-of-box thinking –We are always a couple of stepsahead in our execution.

Customer Satisfaction – Always at our top priority.

And lots more…


Why South Goa for Scuba Diving?

Peace – No where else than South Goa.

Calmness – Be in you and be what you are at South Goa.

Serenity – It always gives you more than you expect.

And much more…

If you get all these things attached with Goa Explocation, what else do you need at Goa? Trips full of pleasure and benefits define us. We don’t think we need to give any more explanation of why to choose Goa Explocation for Scuba Diving at South Goa.

What additional you may carry to enlighten your trip?

  • Sunglass
  • Sunscreen

And nothing else. We are there to take care of any other additional requirements. And trust us, we just don’t say. Explore what you have not with Goa Explocation. You are always welcome!



Scuba Diving and Water Sports Combo Package at Vasco - South Goa
  • - Scuba Diving
  • Jetski
  • Banana Ride
  • Bumper ride
  • Boat ride
  • Parasailing

₹ 2499

PRICE ₹ 1499.00

Age 10+
Skill Level Non-swimmer
Available Time Slot 10:00 AM to 02:30 PM
Duration 3 Hours
Location South Goa

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Select a package
Choose date*
Booking Time
No of Participant*
Initial Payment
Additional Per.
Total 1499.00
  • Customers have to reach at Location
  • Confirm your Booking with Operator
  • Boat ride towards Fort side
  • Training in confined water
  • Safety Gear
  • Personal PADI Certified Scuba Master
  • Scuba Equipment & Life Jackets
  • 15-20 minutes underwater Diving
  • Underwater Photos & Video
  1. Cancellation or rescheduling is not allowed within 12 hours of journey time.
  2. 50% of payments will be deducted if the confirmed ticket is cancelled.
  3. In-case of Bus AC failure, Rs.50 will be returned back through bank transfer only.
  4. Full refund in-case of Bus breakdown or cancellation of bus due to unavoidable circumstances
  5. Refund if any will be processed in your account in 7 working days.
  • Customers will be responsible for their own belongings
  • People with Heart problems, water phobia, pregnant women are strictly not allowed to participate
  • Keep yourself hydrated during your trip
  • Avoid carrying or wearing expensive jewelry or watches
  • Please avoid from entering the water if you have consumed alcohol
  • Please follow all instructions carefully
  • Try to avoid coming with infants
  • If you have toddler with you bring some snacks and needy things for them
  • We have no facilities for Handicapped
  • No Transportation will available
  • No Food is provided
  • Scuba Diving is not available at Bat Island or Grande Island
  • It is customer’s responsibility to collect photos and video of scuba diving from Diving center on same day, because we delete all the data on same day

If you feel Dive master takes you earlier out of water because of your wrong sign, your panic situation than call us at that time before removing your Scuba Gear

  • Extra pair of clothes or swim wear
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • You can bring some snacks and water bottle
  • Sunscreen

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