Water Sports

Jet ski & Parasailing

Goa – A complex blend of beaches, churches, sports activities, waves, beautiful sunsets & many more. And that makes Goa a paradise for the travelers. They praise their visit to Goa.

The churches, colonial architecture & lovable people around add to the paradise. Lots and lots of unique features that this state has which is yet to be disclosed. It has a mixture of Indian and Portuguese culture which adds to this uniqueness.

Highlight of the state remains the water activities that are organized. And this package will take you through this exhilarating water activities. We assure you that you might have never taken such combo which will make your day.

We love this package personally for three top reasons mentioned below.

  1. Fun-filled water activity.
  2. Trained experts which be taking care of this whole ride.
  3. Jet ski & Parasailing in one package.

There are n-number of adventure activities that you can enjoy during this boat ride with the crew. And we prefer and we suggest people to take this activity with their friends as your experience will reach at the top when you take all these activities with your friends. And for us, Sky is the Limit! And we will prove that.

There are two more reasons why we do suggest people to take this activity with friends. As this is a great way of ending the stress and there will be a great rush of adrenalin during the activity.

Why will you take this package and why only with Goa Explocation?

Consolidating everything, this activity might not take more than an hour for you to complete. So, we even take care of your convenience. Isn’t it?

And we think that the amount of excitement, entertainment and fun we create during our trip and the amount we charge for it, will not be given by anyone.

We bring this combo package to you at a very cheap rate of Rs. _________. Yea, you read it right. It is just Rs. ________.

So, don’t miss out this opportunity and run call us at ___________ or drop us an email on ___________. Or rush to our branch. You may get the address in the contact details.

PRICE ₹ 1299.00

Age 10+
Skill Level Non-swimmer
Available Time Slot 10:30 AM to 04:30 PM
Duration 30 Minutes
Location North Goa

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Initial Payment
Additional Per.
Total 1299.00
  • You have to reach at given Destination.
  • Confirm Your Booking with Operator
  • Water Sports only
  • Jetski (1-2 Minutes)
  • Parasailing (10 minutes in Boat and 2 minutes in air)
  1. Cancellation or rescheduling is not allowed within 12 hours of journey time.
  2. 50% of payments will be deducted if the confirmed ticket is cancelled.
  3. In-case of Bus AC failure, Rs.50 will be returned back through bank transfer only.
  4. Full refund in-case of Bus breakdown or cancellation of bus due to unavoidable circumstances
  5. Refund if any will be processed in your account in 7 working days.


  • No Transportation
  • Swim wear will not provide by us
  • Sometime there is crowd so you have to wait for your turn
  • Activities must be cancelled if weather is not good
  • Pregnant Woman, Asthma Patient, Hear Patient, Problem with Heart, back, neck and knee can’t do this activities

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