Top Seven Water Sports Must try in GOA

Top Seven Water Sports Must try in GOA

GOA!! When we hear this word, We start connecting our mind with Beaches, Vacation, leisure, Buzzing, Water life and many more.
Goa is famous for its culture, Beaches and atmosphere. If you are planning to spend leisure time you must not forget to add water sports activities in goa. Water sports in goa can turn up into the most adventures and memorable thing that you can speak about in you whole life. People from all around the world travel to Goa to enjoy the best moments of their lives. 

With an extended coastline and breezy shores, Goa provides plenty of opportunities for adventure fans to learn more about the waters in as many ways you can as you desire.  It doesn’t matter if you are first timer or you are regular and pro water player, Goa water sports are made for everyone. 

Here is a list of all the water sport activities in goa that are not to be missed!

1)    JET SKIING : 


1)    JET SKIING : 

Jet skiing is undoubtedly one of the most trilling water sports in Goa. The thrill of sitting on a Jet Ski and feeling the waves of pure blue water at high speed is an experience that will always boost excitement in you. 

Jet skiing is one of the most entertaining and popular Water Sports in goa and a must add activity in your bucket of activities irrespective of your comfort level. 

Best Time for Jet Skiing in Goa: October to June.

Best locations for Jet Skiing in Goa: Aguada, Colva, Candolim, Calangute, Miramar and Benaulim beaches in Goa.

Check out this link for booking and more information: JET SKIING IN GOA


If you are High flier and want to enjoy the beauty of sea while flying in the sky,  This activity is for you. Parasailing involves flying in the sky on a parasail harness while tied with a speedboat by a long rope with normal height of around 30-40 m. As the speedboat speeds off into the water, you will be pulled up in the air. The beauty of the azure sky and the shining blue water below is unforgettable. 

Best Time for Parasailing in Goa: October to March.

Best locations for Parasailing in Goa: Dona Paula, Majorda, Anjuna, Bogmalo, Calangute, Colva, Candolim, and Vagator are the major beaches..

Check out this link for booking and more information: PARASAILING IN GOA


We have always heard about river rafting but Goa is the only place in India where you can experience the thrill of Sea rafting. Sea Rafting in goa is very new and unique water sport activity in goa. This activity allows you to experience the wild world of sea and it’s life as  entails a raft ride right in the middle of the sea. Sea Rafting has become the most demanded beach activity as it’s a fun ride and can be taken together in group. 

Best Time for Sea Rafting in Goa: October to May.

Best locations for for Sea Rafting in Goa: Arambol beach mostly.

Check out this link for booking and more information: SEA RAFTING IN GOA


4)   KAYAKING : 

Kayaking is more of water sightseeing and exploring water world on a boat. If you are bored with the adventurous water sports in goa, this is something that you should try. Kayaking in goa is one of the most calm and soothing water activities, this one takes you along the backwaters and lesser-explored parts of Goa. 

Best Time for Kayaking in Goa: October to May.

Best locations for for Kayaking in Goa: Hollant Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Backwaters of Zuari, Sal and Mandovi, Goa.

Check out this link for booking and more information: KAYAKING IN GOA



There is nothing in India rather than flyboarding which can help you attain the experience of superhero and fly like them in the air. Among all water sports activities, flyboarding is considered to be the most innovative and adventurous sports, if you are one of the adventure lovers planning to visit to Goa, you must include this amazing thing and your package. It will surely take your experience of the entire adventure fun activity to a next level. 

Best Time for Fly Borading in Goa: October to May.

Best locations for for Fly Boarding in Goa: Baina Beach.

Check out this link for booking and more information: FLY BOARDING IN GOA



Beside Goa’s Beautiful beaches, you must also see few clean and natural islands in Arabian of the is grand Island. Grand Island in goa is a perfect combination island beauty and water adventure. This is a whole day trip and you will get water boat from multiple beaches of goa. 

There are multiple activities that you can do on this tour like Snorkelling, Fishing, Scuba Diving, dolphins tour and many more…

Best Time for GRANDE ISLAND TRIP in Goa: October to May.

Check out this link for booking and more information: GRANDE ISLAND TRIP IN GOA



There are a lot of activities which helps you refresh but no other activity is as pleasurable as snorkeling. Although Goa is known for the golden sand beaches, nature and the various water sports, but nothing is as entertaining as snorkeling in Goa. Snorkeling is a water sports that allows you to take a closer view of the marine world using a snorkel. You will get a chance to experience a world under the water. Snorkeling in goa will be an out of the world experience for sure.

Best Time for Snorkelling in Goa: October to May

Best locations for Snorkelling in Goa: Paradise Island

Check out this link for booking and more information: SNORKELLING IN GOA

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